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Dr. Nierenberg is a Certified D.O.T. Medical Examiner (CME) listed on the National Registry of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, # 9804851290. He is an active member of TeamCME. Fees are $100 per physical exam and are performed in his office 6 days per week. Evening appointments are also available.

Payment is accepted by business check, cash, or Visa/MC/Discover/Amex cards. DOT Physicals are not covered by health insurance.

Dr. Nierenberg's background includes a past career in transportation and civil engineering, construction surveying, and roadway safety and design prior to entering chiropractic college in 1988. His 30 years as a chiropractic physician includes a combination of both practice and teaching chiropractic interns to perform physicals, in addition to tutoring anatomy and biochemistry in a lab setting.

If you’re getting ready to dive into the world of commercial driving, you’ll need a medical card for your CDL. Fortunately, DOT physicals are among the many helpful services Dr. Mark Nierenberg at Branchburg Chiropractic in Branchburg, NJ offers.

What Are DOT Physicals and Why Do I Need One?
DOT physicals are examinations designed specifically for CDL drivers and people who operate large vehicles. DOT physicals are required by the Department of Transportation to make sure that drivers meet the minimum health requirements and can do their job without risking any lives – including their own.

Does Everyone Who Drives a Large Vehicle Need a DOT Physical?
The Department of Transportation typically requires a physical if your job requires you to drive:
- Hazardous materials
- With more than eight passengers
- More than 10,000 lbs of combined weight
If you fit into any of these categories, you’ll be required to have a DOT examination.

What Happens During DOT Physicals?

A DOT physical is an examination completed by a certified medical examiner to check your overall health – specifically anything that might increase risk on the road. Dr. Nierenberg at Branchburg Chiropractic in Branchburg, NJ will start with a look at your medical history to pinpoint any potential issues. This will give insight into what to screen for now and in the future.

A physical examination will then take place that will cover the following at a minimum:
- Vision
- Heart rate
- Hearing
- Skin
- Nervous system
- Weight/Height
- Blood pressure
- Lungs, chest and abdomen
- Back and spine
- Extremities and joints

If you pass the examination, Dr. Nierenberg will give you a DOT medical card. If there are any indications of concern, a treatment plan might be required before you can get your medical card.

For some, such as those whose blood pressure is heightened but not quite too high, the medical card will be issued for a shorter period of time. Should this happen to you, Dr. Nierenberg will discuss ways to improve any troublesome areas in hopes of better results for your next examination.

Whether you’re just beginning your career or it’s time to renew your medical card, Dr. Nierenberg at Branchburg Chiropractic in Branchburg, NJ offers DOT physicals to help you get on the road. Call (908) 595-9360 to schedule an appointment today.

Call TODAY for a D.O.T. Physical at 1-908-595-9360. You may also send a text message to 908-256-0533 or send an email through the "Contact Us" section below.

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