YES!!! THIS IS A GREAT DOCTOR! I'm giving Dr. Mark D. Nierenberg the highest recommendation for getting me out of pain. Whenever I have my horribly painful back and neck problems (or right when I first feel them coming on), I go to Dr. Mark. He's always given me relief by his effective treatment of my painful conditions, while being very careful not to hurt me. The first thing you'll notice about him is that he sincerely cares about you, as his individual patient, and then you find out he's an incredible "walking-encyclopedia" of medical knowledge. (Orthopedic Chiropractors go to school a few years longer than ordinary chiropractors.) Just call and make an appointment. You'll be happy with the results.

-Linda D.

Dr. Nierenberg is a very nice man and a wonderful chiropractor. He listens very well when you describe any problem you are having and is very committed to finding the best solution for you. On more than one occasion he has done additional research and talked to other chiropractors and other healthcare professionals for their input on the best course of treatment. He seems to have a very good rapport with the medical community.

His treatment technique is very gentle and he is also utilizes massage, muscle stimulation, manual traction and/or ultrasound to help create the best environment for a successful outcome. Best of all Dr. Nierenberg has never pressured me to schedule repeat appointments and I go only when I need treatment. I give Dr. Nierenberg my highest recommendation.

-Patrick G

I have been seeing Dr. Mark for over a year now and have had a great experience with him. I suffered from chronic back pain and headaches for several years. I decided to go to a chiropractor to see if I could get any kind of relief for my headaches. Dr Mark was the first medical professional to diagnose me properly and provide relief - all without the use of drugs. He is always a pleasure to see and is very accommodating regarding his appointments. Dr. Mark is not only a highly knowledgable doctor but an amazing person as well. He has a great sense of humor and makes his patients feel at ease. I highly recommend seeing him.

-Lynn H

I have been going to Dr. Mark for a number of years and have always had a wonderful experience. He is a driven professional who utilizes a matrix of techniques within his practice. From orthopedic evaluation processes to detailed explanations of spinal issues , I always feel confident of his diagnosis. I highly recommend his practice. I consider him a valued physician and friend.

-Roger Z

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for well over 20 years. Specifically, I have been a patient of Dr. Nierenberg since 2006. Without a doubt, he is the best chiropractor that has ever treated me or anyone I know for that matter. He spends the time learning what his patient's complaints are, and explains his diagnosis and recommended course of treatment to his patients in language that is easy to understand. Dr. Nierenberg schedules lengthy appointments to ensure his patients are receiving the best possible treatment. He performs ample soft-tissue work, sometimes combining it with such treatments as heat therapy, ultrasound therapy, electro-stimulation therapy, before manipulation. As anyone who has been to a chiropractor who doesn't perform soft-tissue work prior to manipulation will tell you, it makes ALL the difference. On a personal note, Dr. Nierenberg is not only the consummate professional, but he is also caring, kind and personable with a great sense of humor. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Tom G

Dr. Nierenberg is absolutely wonderful!! My first appointment was urgent as my back felt it was on fire, and he was able to schedule me right away. Following a quick consultation, he immediately provided me treatment. I have scoliosis and sit at desk all day so I have had persistent back pain for years, but I am now able to get through the day without feeling constant pain. Dr. Nierenberg is also flexible in scheduling and doesn't push continual maintenance care like most chiropractors. He instead prefers for the patient to determine what they need in listening to their body, which I truly appreciate. Dr. Nierenberg genuinely cares about his patients, and he is friendly and prompt with his appointments. I would highly recommend to anyone.

-Cristin M

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